My Simple Advice to webmasters who have been deceived and had been robbed of the truth about domain name and Website Purpose:

I HAVE Been tagged many times by different webmasters and web-designers about domain issues and website VISION.

But understand this: for you to go where you wanna go[not only in Facebook] but OUTSIDE Facebook . you have to BUT listen to FEW voice and not EVERY VOICES.

so in MY own way[I, EMMANUEL EKAINU WAY]. domain name has no NEGATIVE OR POSITIVE matter on this, what matters is

    your content and how people will find it engaging.but it’s off a good report and testimony if the domain name matches your website purpose


If you have the best and premium domain but still finds it hard to raise money from that site to renew your domain, pay for hosting or buy airtime to browse; is the-same as having a story building and YET still sleeping on-top the roof. I Have done this mistake before and i know what i takes to false someone to say yes when his/her reply is NO.

So before listening to advice, first ask yourself: does the adviser loves you?, does he/SHE want to be where you are?, if NO then quit them because 2 cannot work together except they agree ON ONE THING and also; they will ALWAYS say yes to EVERYTHING YOU SUGGEST.

So for things to go the way you want it to be, you must be in control of it.

Finally, having the costly domain and good name without authority and positive result from your costly domain is like…………………..

just like a .wapka domain website that produces fruit for the owner to eat and find pleasure in the work of his hand, is far better on that a webmaster with the good domain but always find it hard to monetize.

So a live dog is better than a dead lion.

Regards to All webmasters who have been tagging, calling, sending me messages about domain relating to website, i think if you applied your heart to understand my message here, you’ll find peace in the direction that matches you and you website.


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