Ecommerce|Online Store Websites are Websites builds, Setup and Designed Specially For Selling Either Digital, Physical Products and Services Online.

2 Requirements you need;
=>A Domain name.
=>A Web hosting Account(where your file will be hosted). If you have none and would like to get them, let me know in the comment box and I’ll help out based on your Pockets.
After you’ve gotten those 2 Recommended Requirements already, then be careful to observe and do what I’ll be outlining below:

Before you Start
Link or Point your domain to your web-hosting using the name-servers of the hosting.

=>After you have logged in to the cpanel, Scroll down below the bottom of the web page where you’ll see things like; WordPress, Joomla 2.5, Opencart, Prestashop, Drupal, phpp etc.
=>Scroll down and click on “Ecommerce“, at the next page you’ll see; Abantecart, Opencart etc.
=>Scroll down and click on Abantecart, at the upper right side of the page click on install.
=>When you’ve clicked the “Install” link, next under the Software Setup; Leave all field untouched, the way it was but in the field labelled “in directory” erase the name “abante” and leave it empty then scroll down and click on “Install” and that’s all.

=>Further settings, customisation and Setups can be done inside the admin dashboard of the sites.
=>The installations details can be sent to you by typing your email in the installation box.


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