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Just like every other cultures, fashion, fad, craze and practices, The 10yrs challenge has its origin too.

A certain controversial good man named Eric Amodu who is known for his brutal, comic and most times controversial social media posts and commentary  started the whole viral fad when he decided to prob into people’s past photos. For weeks now, many people began to see their old photos that they never remember were in existence again on Facebook, it was like a mystery as some people began to challenge him that he could never get their old pictures but to their greatest surprised he did.

The posts were happening every 10 minutes of the day until some people who became afraid of Eric seeing their ugly photos began to rush to their archives to check out their old pictures, some even started removing the ones they want other people to see, some edited their pictures before Eric gets to them.

The trend escalated and in few hours  it became a global trend.

Many thanks to Eric for taking people back to their past even though it has gone beyond his control now as we see all sorts of pictures especially with the ladies who are now whiter than the white people but were as dark as the darkest night in Otukpo.

As we compile this story about the trouble shooter Eric Amodu, some divorce case have been filed in court while some are in the police station and we all also learnt some are in the hospital receiving treatment for various degrees of injuries arising from arguments and disagreements with husbands and wives ,boyfriends and girlfriends, employers and employees, Senators and their female Aides, Governors and their female Aides etc. ..

Details on that will come in our subsequent editions.


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