“I told my brother to leave Fatimah for me because I planned to marry her, but he would not listen to me and he kept on seeing her until one day, I lost my temper and killed her. Look at what it has resulted to; I am now a murderer. I am going to spend all my life in jail from the age of 16; it is unfortunate.” he told newsmen

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Police command in Niger state has captured sixteen-year-old Idrisu Muhammadu for supposedly killing his girlfriend, Fatima Isah whom he blamed for dating his brother too.

As indicated by reports, Muhammadu who is from Evutagi town in Katcha Local Government Area of Niger state, was involved with Fatima when he discovered she was likewise dating another person. He said he would kill her in the event that she abandons him for another man.

When he found that her dad, Isah Evutagi, was going to offer her to his other brother as a wife, he slaughtered her. He later told police he had cautioned his sibling to quit seeing his girlfriend yet he can’t.

Affirming the occurrence, the Niger State Police Public Relations Officer, Mohammad Abubakar, said the suspect would be charged in court after examination.

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