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Okpokwu LGA where the Benue South Senator elect – Comr. Abba Moro hailed from was one of the L.G.A in Benue State that it’s March 9th Governorship and House of Assembly election was declared inconclusive and supplementary election fixed for March 23rd, 2019.

The Okpokwu State Assembly seat tussle is basically between Hon. Anthony Agom of the PDP and Hon. Theresa Odachi Ikwue of the APC who was leading with about 742 votes after the 9th March election but how the 742 votes was later streamlined, manipulated and rigged down to 45 votes difference just to give room for a supplementary election is still under contention.

It was gathered that the violence that led to sustainment of various degree of injuries and and casualties on the part of APC members started from Okwungaga polling unit – the country home of Abba Moro and spread across the entire Okpokwu like a burning fire.

It was learnt that trouble started when Comr. Abba Moro himself halted, slapped and ordered his “boyz” to descend on some APC members; Hon. Charles Ameh, Mr. Patrick Ogbeyi (Ikwumonu) and Mr. Haruna Isah ; a driver to Hon. Odachi Ikwue and a younger brother to Abba Moro’s close ally and P.A, Alhaji Sule Malakanchi who were driving through the express way that passes through Okwungaga to Otukpo.

Report had it that Abba Moro stopped their car and asked them to turn back. Was movement restricted on that day? Even if movement was restricted, is Abba Moro a law enforcement officer to enforce law? Those are questions that demands answers before Abba Moro personally slapped Hon. Charles Ameh, seized his phone and scattered it on the ground and ordered his boyz to beat them up. Hon. Charles whom was beaten to stupor and also sustained severe internal injuries has been on life support in the intensive care unit at General hospital, Okpoga till recently when he was moved to specialist hospital, Enugu for medical surgery in line with doctor’s recommendation and also for his safety because it was reliably gathered that the “boyz” are now after his life while Haruna Isah and Ikwumonu has been in detention at Ugbokolo police station since Saturday and will soon be moved to Force C.I.D, Makurdi on cooked up charges and unfounded allegation. Every attempt to get them bail met brick wall as the D.P.O categorically said that the “order” was from above.

Also, at Ojigo ward where is deemed to be Hon. Odachi’s stronghold, the violence unleashed on APC members and supporters took a very crude dimension as Mobile Police Men deployed by the government to protect voters, electoral materials and ensure a peaceful election went against their ethics and terms of engagement and connived with thugs loyal to PDP to beat and intimidate voters, snatch ballot papers and election materials at gun point from INEC ad hoc staffs, took to Abba Moro’s hotel at Okpoga to thumbprint ballot papers and return few hours later to coerce the polling unit presiding officer’s into filling/signing the result sheets as they instructed.

APC members and Hon. Odachi Ikwue’s supporter’s who made attempt to resist this day light manipulation and robbery of Hon. Odachi’s mandate were all harassed, beaten, injured and almost shot to death with gun by the PDP thugs and compromised Mobile Police officers.

The likes of Mr. Sunday Idoko, Alhaji Igomu, John Ikom, Inalegwu Fab e.t.c from Ugbokolo ward are all victims of this unjust violence perpetuated by power desperadoes and they are all currently admitted in an unknown hospital receiving treatment.

The APC secretary of Ojigo ward, Mr. Sylvester Onuh was also beaten to coma and later bundled and thrown into police cell till this very moment.

The APC polling agent at Olaidu, Mr. Bartholomew Achadu is currently in a critical condition at an undisclosed hospital as a result of internal injuries and bleeding sustained from his attempt to stop PDP thugs from carting away election materials.

The story was also the same in all other polling unit across Ojigo ward. APC Polling agent at Amufu-Ikpoke, Ehija were stabbed with knives and beaten blue black.

It was also gathered that after all their (PDP) manipulation and rigging ranging from snatching of ballot papers to thumbprint, fabrication of results, they brought the manipulated result to the LG collation centre at Okpoga for the INEC Resident Officer; Dr. Simon Ejembi to announce. It was learnt that the Resident Electoral officer initially declined assent to the manipulated result but after receiving a hot slap from PDP thugs and with guns pointed at him, he had no option than to announce their (PDP) candidate as the winner of the election under duress.

When Hon. Odachi Ikwue was contacted for her reaction, she simply said that she is surprise that thuggery and violence in election process is still on an astronomical rise in our clime in this modern democracy. She further stated that as far as she is concern, there was no supplementary election in Okpokwu. What happened was a mockery of democracy and with the avalanche of facts and evidence I’ve gathered, I’ll go and reclaim my stolen mandate from the tribunal, Hon. Odachi concluded.

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