When numerous actors are deciding to own houses in opulent parts of Lagos, veteran actor Aremu Afolayan isn’t persuaded that they profited through the art.

The on-screen character disclosed to Saturday Beats that Nigerians rush to think anything particularly once it is on the web yet in all actuality most actors driving huge cars obviously did got their cash from influential individuals.

He stated, “Coincidentally,the was I carry on with my life, individuals tend to believe that I am the most extravagant Yoruba actor, yet that is a lie. Nigerians speculate alot. I live in a rented flat since I can’t build one. When they see me purchase another car, they don’t know whether I paid for the car in portions; rather they call me a big boy. What sort of big boy lives on N50,000 or N100,000 wage per film as an actor? I challenge any Nigerian performing artist that is living overwhelming to state how they profited on the grounds that I am certain it isn’t from the movies they make. I am talking both the English and Yoruba performing artists. even they like, they can say they make N5m per film, they can’t build or purchase a house at Lekki or Victoria Island or Ikoyi. It is incomprehensible. They should get out mathematicians to make sense of it. It is a lie. It is the influential they meet that gives them contracts or they have side business. Since we don’t all meet such individuals or profit they make through these individuals, we simply must be content with what we have. In my life, I have never observed an ‘educated illiterate’ nation like Nigeria. Nigerians are exceptionally naïve with regards to judging other individuals’ way of life since they don’t know anything, they assume,and the internet came ,it worsen the situation.”

The producer who is seem as the most controversial actor in Nigeria for his brave way of expressing himself revealed to Saturday Beats that he was stunned when Nigerians labeled him as a homosexual just on the grounds that a photo of him pecking a man surfaced on the web. He said that at once, Nigerians called him a playboy. Presently, they are alluding to him as gay just in view of a publicity stunt.

“I went to a store with a companion to get a wristwatch I had been paying for in portions. My companion was taking pictures when I revealed to him that we should cause inconvenience via internet with a photo of me pecking him. When I posted the photo, it turned into an internet sensation in 15 minutes. Actually, we were still in the store when the photo became an internet sensation. I was stunned that Nigerians would even imagine I am gay since I cherish ladies. Anyone can be gay and I intend no lack of respect to them however with respect to me, the picture was simply a publicity stunt. I never knew it would turn into an internet sensation like that quick.

“Individuals call me a playboy; why I don’t have money? I know many individuals that are gigolos and they are doing fine. if im a gigolo and an actor, for what reason would I need to sell a car to buy another car? What is wrong in me purchasing Versace and Ferragamo? For what reason would I be an gigolo and not dress like a big boy? For what reason would I wear slippers wherever I go? So for what reason would it be advisable for me to answer the general population calling me a gigolo? I don’t need to persuade anybody; when I realize that at the end of the day, I would not waste my time persuading you about anything. You can consider anything you like yet I am not here to persuade anybody,” Afolayan said.

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