Akume Bombs Governor Samuel Ortom At The APC Expanded Caucus Meeting Held Yesterday In Makurdi…

Speaking at the APC expanded caucus meeting which the oracle disguised to attend today, Senator Akume made several allegations against Governor Ortom of Benue. The governor will get the sympathy he has always looked for if and only if he can come out clear on these allegations because they are too weighty :

Senator Akume said Governor Ortom has been lying about all his university degrees, and that the governor never obtained any of the said degrees.

Senator Akume said Samuel Ortom gives only N5million to each local government every month and pockets the remaining hundreds of millions that are being sent by the Federal government as local government allocations.

Akume said that Benue people are crying and dying of hunger and suffering because Ortom and his family members are smiling at the banks everyday

Akume said that the only federal government intervention programme in Benue state which is the NSIP has been hijacked by Samuel Ortom, his wife, his in-laws and his family. He added that several hundreds of millions are being stolen from this programme by the first family every month.

Akume said that Ortom lost Guma local government, his own home, in 2015 because the entire people of the area rejected him.

Akume said he won his elections in 1999 and 2003 when Ortom was in APP. He added that he won his election in 2011 under ACN when Ortom was in PDP. But Mr. Governor said yesterday that he has been making Akume to be able to win his elections.

Akume said that Ortom is using the money he was supposed to use to pay workers salaries to fund a certain presidential aspirant in the PDP.

Akume said Ortom can not mention anywhere he (the Governor) sent or gave him (Akume) money belonging to the State. He said whosoever that eats workers’ money is sucking innocent bloods because Benue workers are dying from the nonpayment of salaries by the Ortom administration.

I still dey come……

Tomorrow, we will analyse the Commonwealth University PhD thing.

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