Amb. Dr. Dickson Akoh is not a strange name in Nigeria. He is a colourful personality, and an emblem of human development, highly regarded for his charisma, commitment and public spiritedness. In a nation where ethnicity is strong and choices are made on the basis of ethnic affinities, Akoh exercised an independence of mind that is characteristic in Peace Corps of Nigeria. He is indeed a detribalized Nigerian.

Born in Dordan Baracks, Obalende, Lagos State few years after the civil war, the soft-spoken Dickson described as mass mobilizer and tactician, grew up in Ugboju where he received his formative academic grounding.
Akoh became passionate about the Peace, Development and Unity of the nation his father fought war to keep together. Nigeria has lived through so many internal contradictions and defiled a lot of tension, mutual suspicion, and other primordial considerations to come this far.

After all these years of sharp ethnic and religious fault lines which troubled the nation, the historic inception of Peace Corps of Nigeria formally in 1998 was to many a formidable tool to further unite the nation as well as provide intelligence for the smooth security operations to stern the tide of crime.
Akoh has served in leadership positions with different voluntary organizations like; Boys Scout, Red Cross Society to name but few. As a symbol of innate intelligence, he has added his name to the league of men who shape the society. He is a highly successful personality, despite his penchant for working outside the mainstream. At all times, as a human development advocate and social activist, Akoh employed his huge sense of humour to great advantage.

A role model to many members of the younger generation across Africa. He is a philanthropist, who is using his wealth to support progressive causes and less privilege individuals.

In Idoma Land, Akoh is an influential figure and a community leader. He is an active participant in traditional activities of Ugboju, his immediate district. He is a hug support to Eje- Aje K’Ugboju even where these run against the grain of modernity in other people’s consideration. He is resolute, however, that his choices is always in the interest of the peaceful development of the society.

In recognition of his contributions to humanity, Dr. Dickson Akoh have been honoured with many chieftaincy titles including but not limited to;
-OGIGO MEBE K’UGBOJU (Traditional Mirror) of Ugboju land by Ugboju Area Traditional Council in Idoma Kingdom, Benue State

-ATT OJA (Father of All) of Akpa Kingdom, Igala Traditional Council, Kogi State
-MUSUMA UWA MUSUSU-EFUT by Okoho Nwa Clan Council, Calabar South, Cross River State
-NWANNE DI NA MBA (There is brotherhood in Diaspora) by Nkwere in Imo State.

By painstaking doggedness Dr Dickson Akoh has traversed virtually every continent of the world on the wings of this global youth movement- Peace Corps of Nigeria. Quite recently, in recognition of its meticulous contribution to the society the United Nations and African Union under the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) accorded the Peace Corps of Nigeria a special consultative status.

A man of many colourations, Dr Dickson Akoh will bring together some of the biggest names in the society on the occasion of conferment of Chieftaincy title of OYACHABA K’IDMA (Over Performer) at this year’s grand finale of Eje- Aje K’Idoma, the highest cultural festival of the kingdom holding on 30th, June, 2018 at the Ochidoma Square, Otukpo, Benue State.

Governor of Benue State, Dr Samuel Ortom and his Deputy Engr. Benson Abonu are expected to be the special guests of honour at the event.
Indeed Dr Akoh will be adding another feather to his cap at this heroic occasion as a dealer in hope. It is our expectation the Nigerian Peace Corps will soon be a reality.

This traditional recognition from the exalted office of HRM Agabaidu Elias Ikoyi Obekpa FCTI, CON, Ochidoma IV is an encouragement to a worthy son who have brought not only infrastructural development but great honour to Idoma nation.

Long live Idoma Nation
Long Live HRM Agabaidu Elias Ikoyi Obekpa

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Dickson Akoh.
Sir, keep the flag flying.

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