An Ikeja Domestic Violence and Sexual Offenses Court Lagos,presided by Justice Sybil Nwaka, has likened Adelaja Olaide, a 48-year-old indicted pedophile, as a “Animal”, while condemning him to 60 years in jail for raping a seven-year-old primary two student.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Mr Olaide, a driver, who dwells at No. 17, Itun Oluwo St., Ketu, Ejirin, Lagos, was indicted for rape on Monday.

Paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children (Wikipedia).

The judge said:”This respondent is 48-year-old and the court has indicted for the offense of polluting an eight-year-old based on the mind-boggling confirmation of four arraignment witnesses and the therapeutic report.

“This accused can best be described as a conscienceless animal.

“He has jeopardized the life of this young lady and she can never continue as before rationally, physically and emotionally.

“This litigant isn’t fit to be walking on our streets, he is best depicted as a predator and ought to be jailed.

“I therefore sentence him to 60 years in jail without an alternative of fine.”

As indicated by Babajide Boye, the Chief State Counsel, the convict committed the offense on June 27, 2015 at his living apartment in Lagos.

“The convict who is a neighbor to the complainant’s family, attracted the kid to his room where he strongly had sex with her.

“Oriyomi, the convict’s little girl, who saw her dad perpetrating the offense, told the the little girl’s mom of the evil act.

“The little girl’s mom reviewed her little girl’s clothing and saw fluids and she quickly reported Olaide to the police,” he said.

NAN reports that four witnesses affirmed for the arraignment amid the preliminary : the kid, her mom, the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) and a doctor.

A. Muyideen, a medical specialist at the Ketu-Ejirin Medical Center, who affirmed as the second indictment witness, said on analyzing the complainant, his discoveries uncovered a nonattendance of hymen and a pool of sperm in her vagina.

Amid her declaration, the youngster recognized the convict utilizing his well known alias “Ijebu” as the individual who raped her.

Mr Olaide, who exclusively affirmed with all due respect, denied violating the kid, taking note that the complainant’s mom had wickedly reported him to the police on account of an earlier misconstruing.

during the procedures, R. E Hussaini, Mr Olaide’s direction, requested that the court temper equity with mercy.

“The litigant is a first-time guilty party, he is a family man who has been imprisoned since 2016 and his family has endured significantly because of his inprisonment
“The litigant has turned a good leaf and he has understood the gravity of his offense and I ask this court to be lenient,” she argued.

Reacting, Mr Boye requested that the court force the most extreme sentence on Olaide, noticing that Lagos State Government was striving to control the threat of sexual offenses.

“I need to use this chance to encourage guardians to converse with their youngsters and urge them to stand up when they encounter sexual harrasment.

“We know that there are such a significant number of helpless individuals who are misled by their abusers yet I need to guarantee them that the state will battle for them.

“The state recognizes the fearlessness of this victim on the grounds that the shame encompassing sexual offenses is choking.

“The state wants a society that is safe and ok for the helpless particularly the girl child.

“We ask the court to force the most extreme sentence,”the state prosecutor said.

Segment 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State gives a lifelong incarceration to guilty parties.

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