That Ado Local Govt. Area of Benue State is made up of different ethnic groups such as the Idomas, the Ufias (Utonkon), the Izzis & Ezzas is no longer news.

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The Idomas as historians reminds us are the first set of people to migrate to Ado and later it was followed by the Utonkon while The IZZI & EZZA came last .we may not continue to chronicle this event as historians does rather we will be more interested in the marginalization, intimidation, oppression, harassment of the Izzis and the Ezzas who are currently suffering in the hand of those who call them strangers and slaves even when slavery has been abolished long time ago.

Ado local government is made up of ten political Wards and a legitimate number of 139 polling units out of which the Utonkon controls 48, the Izzi and Ezzas control 47 while the Idomas control 44. While only the Idomas and the Utonkon who speaks Ufias enjoys all political benefits as legitimate citizens of Nigeria, in terms of elective offices, appointment and other social benefits, the Izzi and Ezzas whose political value is rated high since politics is a game of number, are excluded from everything that both natural and human laws ascribed to us.

Since 1999 when Nigeria returned to Democratic rule, no Izzi or Ezza man or woman has been elected councillor or Supervisor, not even appointment as cleaners in the Local Government they put their best to contribute their quota through prompt payment of Tax for the economic development of the land and the huge contributions to the political growth of the LGA.

The good people of Izzi and Ezza in Ado has suffered enough of underdevelopment as a result of social exclusion, non adherence to the laws or rules of governance, absence of equity and fair play.

The worst of it all is the non accountability of the taxes we paid to Ado LGA from the major Markets like Inikiri Market (Ulayi), Nwedoga Market (Ijigban), Idokpo Market (Utonkon), Egwu Market (Igumale), Nwori Nduobashi Market (Ekile) etc. In all these Markets, no single sign of government presence either in the area of Water provision or little infrastructure to ease the suffering of those patronizing the Markets but our poor women who are mostly farmers are being taxed on daily basis without proof of what they are paying for.

Just recently, some individuals seeking to have our votes came with their usual way of use and dump tactics intimidating our people by the use of coercive language which they are known for.

We are assuring u candidates for elections that this time around it is not going to be the same as the Izzis and Ezzas will resist any coercion or act of intimidation as Nigerians who operates and live under the guide of the Federal Constitution of this Country.

Those who will have our votes are those who are ready to carry our cross, those whose actions and inactions are always geared towards causing inter ethnic crisis seeking office should be ready to taste or reap from what they sowed.

We are Nigerians, the forthcoming election is for Nigerians to choose their leaders who will pilot the affairs of the land genuinely by respecting equity and inclusiveness, accountable to us, effective and efficient in the allocation of our collective mean resources and above all, be responsive in their services to all stakeholders who form part of the governing process (Izzi and Ezza inclusive).

We can’t take the back sit any further!

Comrade Onwe Joseph,
National secretary, Benue Igbo Development Union (Izzi and Ezza).

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