The Inspector General of Police,

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Edet House, FCT, Abuja,

Federal Republic of Nigeria.



On behalf of the Benue State Ex Elected Councillors’ Forum, I write to your command to notify you that we shall according to our democratic and constitutional rights, be engaged in a peaceful protest to the Bureau for Local Govt. and Chieftaincy Affairs, and the Govt House, Makurdi, on the 13th of August, 2019, at Makurdi, the Benue State capital, to demand from the Governor of Benue State, Dr. Samuel Ortom and his Bureau in Charge of LG affairs, the immediate payment of our severances, Six Months’ arrears of allowances (January to July) and June 2017 salary, if these authorities do not pay us before this stipulated date.

Ordinarily, I should have written to the State Command about this, but because of the compelling nature of the State government, its affiliates and authorities, to compromising people to following its negative opinions and mendacities characterized in tagging any group agitating for their rights as either Fulani Terrorists and criminal elements, we chose to address this to you.

This group had wanted to carry out a peaceful protest on the 6th and 7th July, 2019, in Makurdi, but while we put our publication on Facebook, calling the attention of our members to gather at Bureau while we notify the State Police Command about our peaceful protest, one John Ikwulono, an affiliate of the Governor, a supervisory Councillor at Agatu LGA, for his selfish and greedy reasons as the Chairman of ex Supervisory Councillors under the executive arm of the state, went to the State Police HQ. to allege that our planned peaceful demonstration for our monies, is ulterior and in line with Sowore’s call for a revolutionary protest, when it is stated vividly that we were to be at bureau on the 6th and 7th, against Sowore’s call which was on the 5th August. This act of Mr. John Ikwulono, led a call to me from one Superintendent John Bauna with Tel. Number +234 803 844 2199, of the CID department requesting my presence while l was in Abuja planning for media coverage for the planned peaceful protest. That Ikwulono acted this way to deter us from protesting in demand for our statutory and constitutional rights already explained in our online Facebook publication of August 5th, 2019 where in we called all elected Councillors and others, been owed severances and arrears of salaries and allowances, to join us in order to occupy the State Bureau and Govt. House on the 6th and 7th August, 2019, until the Governor’s directive which has become flimsy and ineffective before the LGAs Treasurers, DGSAs and Caretaker Chairmen, to pay us, be carried out immediately.

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That the Police Command especially Superintendent John Bauna should further investigate John Ikwulono’s claims which are very different from what we are agitating for as already published; it will clearly reveal an attempt to compromising the Police in Benue State to do only the biddings of the State Governor, his affiliates and the Bureau which are the authorities we are demanding our pay from, in a planned peaceful protest. In the factual sense of insubordination, Ikwulono was never and is not an elected Councillor, neither is he the Leader or Chairman of elected Councillors as he so claimed, and at such, he should never be in charge of the affairs of ex elected Councillors but Supervisory Councillors.

It is therefore necessary to fight legally using all democratic and constitutional framework to demanding our statutory rights as ex councillors who exited office on the 22/06/2019, having served from June, 2017 without funding to our constituency project works, Workshops, excursions and other benefits amidst this scheme to embezzling our severances, 6 Months arrears and June 2017 Salary. We have served as Councillors at the 3rs tier of government!

We see the mediocrity act of John Ikwulono as a desperate one to please his pay masters.

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