Forgive us, we are madly in support of President Muhammedu Buhari second term bid because am a Cross Riverian.

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In 1999 we gave PDP 100 percent votes and lost Bakassi to Cameroon.

In 2007, We gave PDP 100 percent votes and lost 76 oil wells to our neighbouring state, Akwa Ibom.

In 2011 we gave PDP 100 percent votes and lost the bid to reclaim Bakassi.

That’s in 16 years, we benefit the minister of environment( less than three years) Justice (less than a year, I stand to be corrected) power( less than a year) Culture(less than a year).

But in 2014, we denied APC, stadium, Cultural center for campaign, and a head teacher of primary school gave them their small open, watering field, In 2015 we gave him 0.55 percent votes and benefits this much:

1. A Minister of Niger Delta.
2. Chairman of NDDC.
3.Special Adviser on Prosecution
4. Head of service to the federation.
5. Chief Justice of the federation
6. Auditor general of Nigeria.
7. Chief of Naval Staff
8. Chairman Lottery Commission
9. Over 20 chairmen and members of federal Universities and polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria.
10. Our only federal road that was a Death trap rehabilitated.
11. Our state headquarters linked in the recent map of rail way.
12. Thousands of our unemployed sons daughters benefiting from Npower program and our primary school pupils who can’t afford Snacks to school are now been fed daily etc.

The God that I worship and posterity won’t forgive me if I don’t reciprocate this kind gesture.
Thanks so much.

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