A 70-year-old woman is fighting for her life in a hospital after her tongue was cut off by members of her community who suspected her of being a witch.

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The elderly woman was said to have been beaten with blunt instruments in the village of Rediya in Rohtas District in India’s Bihar State. The attack left her severely injured.

According to local media, the woman was sleeping with her granddaughter when she was allegedly attacked by villagers and held at gunpoint. Reports said that part of her tongue was cut off during the attack and she was rushed to a hospital.

Her granddaughter reportedly told police that three villagers entered their house at night and accused her grandmother of witchcraft. They then attacked her.
Villagers cut off tongue of a 70-year-old woman they suspect to be a witch

The victim’s daughter-in-law added that the woman has been accused of witchcraft in the past by several villagers.

The police investigation continues, The practice of hunting and torturing “witches” still continues to happen in some rural parts of Bihar and hundreds of women have been killed over recent years, according to reports.

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