dino on hospital bed, thank nigerians

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The beset congressperson who was allowed safeguard a week ago, shared the open letter to Nigerians on his Facebook page this evening. Read underneath

Somebody once stated, that, absolute bottom is great strong ground and a deadlock road is only a place to pivot. Over the most recent couple of weeks, I have been taken to the great strong ground at the absolute bottom and they couldn’t go further. I have been conveyed to the deadlock road yet with you remaining close by, I have pivoted and ricocheted back to the dismay of the individuals who tried to seal my lips from standing in opposition to oppression, legislative issues of mistreatment and shakedown. They, released a perpetual torrent of physical, mental, otherworldly and enthusiastic torment and ambush on me, be that as it may, through the energy of the Most High, and you the great individuals of Nigeria, we have by and by, seen the triumph of truth over untruths and great over insidiousness.

It was Edmund Burke who was cited as saying that when awful men join, the great must partner; else they will fall one by one, … in a terrible battle. I am of all men, a favored man, to have bold and tried and true individuals like you as my kindred troopers in the battle to free us from the shackles of political fortifications and oppression. It is to you and my most great and ever proficient individuals of Kogi State, particularly Kogi West, that I owe my most profound appreciation. You remained by me against the state and your own ‘best political self-intrigue’.

The state released its crude power on me and discharged a 200 man-solid completely equipped policemen – on a man without a blade nor a slug. It did this since I called bad form by its name and called for responsibility. For this they looked to break my soul and pulverize me forever. In their snapshot of rule, I was completely shackled. With my situation is dire to my back, and flung into a dim isolation sitting tight for the butchers cut, you, my kin remained by me. You came against a furious fire and confronted oppression, lies, dingy lucre, unfairness, abuse and ravenousness. While oblivious and unfit to battle for myself, they looked to take my command, which you had openly given to me. Be that as it may, you replied back and extinguished duplicity afterward. You stood fearless and determined and safeguarded your order to me. In all seriousness. In their endeavor to break me, they have made me more grounded.

To you my relentless pioneers; my irremovable President of the Senate, a man of unfathomable vision for Nigeria and genuine warrior for the enthronement of genuine majority rule government and the control of law, Sen. (Dr.) Abubakar Bukola Saraki. The courageous Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara, I thank you both for your relentlessness in the resistance of the Nigerian Constitution and the enthronement of the Rule of Law, equity and value and the undermining of against vote based powers and oppression wherever in Nigeria. I am endlessly appreciative to you.

To the whole National Assembly Membership, particularly my associates in the Senate, I am everlastingly obliged to you for not playing legislative issues but rather standing bravely against abuse and dread. You have shown yourself pioneers on whom Nigeria’s promise for tomorrow can be guaranteed.

6. To you our governors, serves, my dear Okun individuals and pioneers, the National Chairman and Kogi State Executive of the PDP, pioneers of the Diplomatic Corps, feeling pioneers, Chief Mike Ozekhome SAN, Chief Ricky Tarfa SAN, human rights legal counselors and activists, and all my well-wishers and admirers of majority rules system in Nigeria; the Christian and Muslim Community, every one of you that went to me in the National Hospital, after I was harmed and along these lines kept at the healing facility. I thank all of you for your relentlessness in the resistance of due process and the govern of law. I additionally thank you for your boldness and solidarity.

Our ever foresighted and valiant common society authority, the media, pioneers of thought the nation over, our persevering youth for whom I will give my last blood, our adoring moms and sisters, I need words to express to you my significant appreciation for the unbreakable harmony of adoration that ties me to you through various challenges. You have fortified my purpose and solidified my substance against the individuals who look to eat up and make meat of me. You have by and by demonstrated to me the aphorism in the idiom that “in success, our companions know us; in misfortune, we know our companions.” I am exceptionally appreciative. For your purpose, I stay unbowed.

I know a considerable lot of you stress over my wellbeing and life in this new allotment where life is not any more holy in Nigeria. In any case, don’t be disturbed. My power of profound devotion for you, my great individuals, makes it unthinkable for me to think about my self-chance, wellbeing, solace or opportunity in my courageous sense of duty regarding go to bat for you, to go to bat for truth and if essential pass on for reality and the liberation of our kin from the chains of destitution and abuse. In spite of the fact that they raise misleading affirmations against me, bear false observer against me, however they try to panic me and draw me into their abundance of abhorrence, I will fear no enemy.

Truly, my traducers and torturers wish that I stay silent; however they try to seal my lips, to quietness my voice always, I remain perpetually unfaltering and submitted. I am focused on this reason for which I am a legislator; the reason for the down trodden, to talk truth to power and remain against mistreatment and bad form. On these issues there will be no bargain. I owe no statements of regret and I delicate none.

Like I have dependably stated, you talk reality, you bite the dust, you don’t talk reality, you pass on. I have talked reality, in any condition. Rev. Martin Luther King Jnr., once stated, “Weakness makes the inquiry – is it safe? Practicality makes the inquiry – is it governmental issues? Vanity makes the inquiry – is it prevalent? Yet, still, small voice makes the inquiry – is it right? Also, there comes a period when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor mainstream; yet one must take it since it is correct.”

To my kin, I guarantee you this and this as it were. I have taken my position, I won’t keep down, I won’t hold my tranquility, I won’t be closed down, neither will I quiets down, not as long as foul play and deception keeps on ruling, as long as I will live, I won’t bow to Baal.

May the Almighty keep on keeping all of you and be your rampart until the point when triumph is guaranteed. By and by, I thank all of you to such an extent.

God favor you.

God favor the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Sen. Dino Melaye (SDM)

Kogi West

Administrator Senate Committee on FCT

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