It will be recalled that only last week before the governorship and state houses of assembly election nationwide, the organizers of Ecstasy Excellence Awards led by the publisher of Ecstasy magazine, Lawrence Oduh along with his team of media experts paid a courtesy call to Emmanuel Akpakwu in his country home in Aichochodo, Okpokwu local government of Benue state to present the award of excellence in Sport Promotion and Youth Empowerment Initiative. The award which was meant to be presented to him at the main event in Apo Apartments, former Protea hotel in Abuja June last year. He missed the event due to his participation in the opening ceremony of the 2018 FIFA world cup held in Russia where he was on envoy of a powerful delegation of NFF officials led by the chairman of the commission. Since then, presentation of the award became futile due to his busy schedule and routine business trips overseas until only recently when he came to exercise his constitutional right as a patriotic Nigerian to vote in the just concluded 2019 general elections.

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Mr Emmanuel Akpakwu

Chairman AIM Global Nigeria and CEO Dakinda penalty games

Lo and behold, our visit to his country home avail us the opportunity to witness another landmark achievements of his philanthropic gestures to humanity and his immediate community. In fact, our investigation reveal that his road project is the longest embarked on by any individual in Benue, constructing a 35 kilometers road with coal tar from the express road in Aiokpe down to Aichochodo, Edumuga in Okpokwu local government. His ongoing ultra modern hospital in the village will compete favourably with the best around the world when completed. He also run a free medical and diagnostic unit in the community. In a brief interview which will be published in our next edition of Ecstasy magazine, Mr. Akpakwu told us of how a woman diagnosed with fibroid and couldn’t afford the money for operation; about N800, 000 was aided by his free medical programme and was successfully operated for free. The operation was done by Dr. Idoko, Chief Medical Director of Madonna hospital, Makurdi. In the interview, he reteirated his commitment to partner with government to ensure that the rural communities are provided with good roads, schools, portable water, health care facilities and so on. These areas of development mentioned are his key point of achievements with visible projects such as tarred roads linking the federal road with the community, motorized boreholes numbering up to 10 and the construction of an ultramodern hospital all within the community¬† and this is credited to his personal drive and effort to develop it.

A newly constructed 35km Road from the Express to Aichochodo by Mr Emmanuel Akpakwu


A new installed Transformer

Ongoing construction Ultramodern Hospital

Water from the motorized Borehole provided by Mr Akpakwu

It is because of this individual efforts embarked upon that has brought about showers of praises on him in the social media.

Excerpts of some of these comments on social media:


More pictures….

Mr Emmanuel Akpakwu and Mr Lawrence Oduh, Publisher of ECSTACY MAGAZINES

Mr Emmanuel Akpakwu with the Award he received from Ecstasy Magazine




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