Power, Works and Housing Minister Babatunde Fashola, has engaged Landlords in the nation to think about the situation of low wage workers and begin gathering their rents financially in arrears from today, He contended that pay workers who could stand to pay rents, were not getting their salaries ahead of time but rather in arrears.

Fashola made the interest when he talked at an occasion sorted out by the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria REDAN in Abuja yesterday July fifth.

As per Fashola, most workers who earned compensation consistently and could even stand to pay lease, did not get their pay ahead of time, but in arrears.

“If you ask me to go and bring in advance, one year’s rent, to what I am going to earn monthly in arrears, how feasible is that?

“Even my salary as a minister is paid at the end of every month, not even at the beginning, then why should landlord be asking for next year’s salary. And we are complaining that there is corruption?” he said

Talking further, Fashola said the Nigerian masses can’t bear to pay house lease yearly like the well to do in the general public.

I believe this meeting is about the critical mass of Nigerians, the taxi drivers , market men and women who earn their money daily and are not even sure of making any revenue for that day . Meanwhile , landlords expect advance payments. Those who get paid weekly pay their rents weekly; those who get paid monthly pay monthly rents,” he said

He likewise prescribed that there ought to be a Landlord-Tenant-Employer’s relations, whereby the landlord would achieve an agreement with the tenant’s boss to guarantee reasoning of rent on a month to month terms from the occupant’s salary.

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