I am in london to speak about Social Investment Programmes of the Buhari Administration, how far and how well.
We are feeding 9.2 Million Children in close to 50,000 schools in 26 States.

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We are paying 500,000 graduates 30,000 naira every month. That is 15 billion naira every month.

We have given 10,000 naira TraderMoni to about 200,000 beneficiaries in different markets around the country and the goal is to reach at least 2,000,000 petty traders.

We are paying close to 300,000 poor and vulnerable households 5,000 every month. Our target is at least a million homes.

These are verifiable numbers that anyone can check. The figures are real. The beneficiaries are real and the Government is serious.

2019 election will be tough. I have no doubt about that.

But the difference is clear. It is a contest between one candidate who cares about the country and the other who cares about his Companies.

One who cares about the Poor and the other who cares about his pockets.

One who has set up structures of ease of doing business so Americans can come to Nigeria, and the other who wants a visa so he can go to America.

This is a serious time and I hope people are paying attention.

Ismaeel Ahmed


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