The man attacked his fiancee in the church after Pastor Chris Okafor “saw a dream” and forecasted that she is the one behind his problems.

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The man had sold his properties to travel abroad. He apparently endured so many sufferings to get a visa and eventually succeeded. In any case, when the time came for him to travel, he couldn’t find his international passport and he missed the journey which should have been on Tuesday.

While leading liberation in chapel, well known Nigerian pastor, Chris Okafor, revealed to the man that his fiancee, Joy, was the person who concealed his passport.

The Man attacked his fiancee after minister Chris Okafor uncovered she hid his visa in a place that is unthinkable so he wont be able for him to travel out

It was unbelievable and difficult to accept for the man as he continued shaking his head hoping its not true but when the man of God insisted it was true and his fiancee’s face had guilt all over her face, the man rushed and started to assaulting her.

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