Herdsman slaughters a police officer in Kebbi state

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An inspector of police was killed by a herdman in Bagudo local government territory of Kebbi state yesterday July eleventh.

As per reports, a farmer had reported the herder to the police at Kaoje police headquarters in the local government. The farmer blamed the herdman for carrying his cattle into his farm to feed and destroy his products.

A cop was requested to go and arrest the herder who was all the while was still meandering with his cows inside the zone. The Police officer who was with his riffle, captured the suspect however as he was taking him to the patrol vehicle,the herder drew his dagger and slashed the officer s neck. The officer bled to death.

Affirming the episode, the police relation officer (PPRO), DSP Mustapha Suleiman, said the herdsman has been captured and has admitted to the murder of the police officer.

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