The Governor of Benue State Samuel Ortom decamped close to 5 months ago from the APC to the PDP and since then governance took to different dimensions with loyalists tumbling up and down in very confused state as to were to pitch their tents, so many battle lines were drawn as kingmakers, godfathers and mischief makers are all left to choose between the devil and the Lucifer.

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Local government chairmen, councillors and supervisory councillors were the most hit. The divide and crack on the wall of governance especially at the local government area can be visibly seen and torched tangibly.

Meetings with the government of the day seized, knowledge of the runnings of Government funds and projects became a dark secret, as a councillor who were seen as an inconsequential part of the government right from the day of swearing in, the latest development only serve as a burial rites for the already dead arm of government at the local level.

Hon. Ozoko Tudeep Chris, Councillor representing Ogege ward of Ado LGA in Benue state has refused to join the government of the day in ensuring the people have no reason to smile this season, the councilor even with the negligence and lack of funds have decided to at least put a smile on the faces of the youths in his ward by empowering them through sporting activities.

The Hon. Ozoko Tudeep Unity cup which will be hosted in the councillor s immediate home town of Ikpomolokpo with participating teams comprising of football teams from other clans of the ward, Ogi, Watuolo, Rijo, Ogedegi and a team invited from outside the ward to make it up to six teams that will eventually slug it out in the competition that will kickoff on the 24th of December 2018 to 1st of January 2019.

The councilor is using this medium to solicit for support and also invite the general public to the historical event.

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