A fresh report has revealed that the Benue state government received one hundred and thirteen billion naira as federal allocation from the Federal account of 2018

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The report also revealed that the 36 states and the 774 local government councils in Nigeria shared a total sum of N8trillion from the Federation Account in 2018

The allocations were made after the monthly meetings of the Federal Account Allocation committee (FAAC) in 2018. The current sources of revenue flow into the Federation Account are collected by agencies of the Federal Government with little or no contributions from state or local government council.

Economic Confidential, an intelligence economic magazine, released the report on Tuesday, April 22, 2019.

According to the report, the Benue state received a total of N113,165,909,788 as federal allocation from the Federation Account for the year 2018.

Below is the breakdown…

Benue State allocation for the year 2018

January – N9,011,765,860

February – N8,783,348,364

March – N8,864,922,449

April – N8,703,995,844

May – N9,324,784,199

June – N9,266,044,924

July –  N10,023,813,105

August – N9,486,948,333

September – N9,820,203,113

October – N9,521,174,909

November – N9,907,141,947

December–  N10,451,766,737

Total – N113,165,909,788

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