Today, the PDP Campaign Train hit Aliade, headquarters of my local government.

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I then called home to find out what campaign message my governor may have brought this time since “Taraku Mills Core Investors are still buying soya beans for close to four years.”

My brother laughed and told me the governor could not say any meaningful thing at all.

According to him, Governor Ortom told Gwer people that Buhari is a Fulani man with AK47 and should be rejected while Atiku is a Fulani man with a stick and should be voted. That Miyetti Allah want to take over Benue and they are using Senator Akume to achieve that.

The murmuring point was when the governor said he was not owing salaries again, it was APC that was owing. That APC wanted him not to pay salaries but in PDP, he has paid up to date. Many workers started leaving the gathering at that point. There was no message of hope at all.

When former Governor, Gabriel Suswam mounted the podium, the people paid more attention, seeing Suswam as a friend who gave Gwer quality appointments during his time. Unfortunately, like the governor, Suswam simply urged Gwer people to vote for Atiku who holds a Tiv title of “Zege Mule u Tiv’.

Suswam also devoted some minutes accusing Senator Akume as been the main cause of underdevelopment in Benue and should be voted out.

The people waited to hear the name ” Taraku Mills” but nobody mentioned it. No project was mentioned and it was concluded that Governor Samuel Ortom was not ready to seek reelection.

From Gwer, a good brother filed in the true situation report.

Cc James Ornguga.

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