The Men who killed Elozino Joshualia Ogege, a 300 dimension understudy of Delta State University, have given a chilling record of how she was murdered.

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Elozino, a First Class undergraduate, was killed by a 4-man pack comprising of 2 Yahoo young men, a security guard at her school, and a herbalist, as she honestly looked for an accommodation.

The men gave an account to newsmen yesterday, November 28 at the Delta State Police Command.

The suspects uncovered how they murdered Elozino with the assistance of a security guard, Onos, who offered to help the innocent girl get accommodation.

Onos stated

I was contacted by Desmond and another to provide a female student for Yahoo rituals. We had planned it, and when Elozino approached me that she was looking for accommodation, I saw it as a good opportunity.

I contacted Desmond who told me to tell her to come back the next day. So the next day, they brought a Corola car; and when Elozino came, they used something on her face which made her unconscious.

We took her to a bush where we first plucked out one of her eyes while she was still alive. She was even crying and begging us to forgive her and let her go, but we plucked the other eye, removed her breast and heart before she died.

Amid his confession, Onos involved his administrator by guaranteeing that he was posted into the school by his director for the motivations behind doing such missions when reached.

Be that as it may, the Supervisor with a security organization connected to the University, Uche Nwaosisi, denied the allegation expressing that he was among the individuals who helped in finding Onos when the police came to search for him in the school.

Nwaosisi stated:

When all these were happening, Onos threatened to implicate me for assisting the police to catch him. When the police caught him, they discovered two phones with him, which he claimed I sold one to him. That was my involvement .

Desmond, who is into the “Yahoo Plus” line of business, said Elozino is the fifth he has killed for ritual purposes. He said the initial four female exploited people were kidnapped at Oghara and slaughtered for the rituals, including that Elozino’s murder was his first from the University in Abraka.


As indicated by him:

Each time we killed, we removed the vital organs like the eyes, the heart and the breast of the victims, normally females, and take to the Baba (herbalist), who usually would ask us to come back.

Baba used to burn the heart and pound it to make powder substance out of it. It is the powder that he gives us, which we apply before speaking to our victims to make money from them. Any big woman we approach obliges us and provides money for us.

The Native doctor refer to as Robinson, denied being engaged with past killings and said God is his witness. He said Elozino’s heart and eye happened to be the first he has gotten from the Yahoo Plus clients.

He said he initially met the young men seven years back when they broght an injured individual for him to fix, keeping up that he is a specialists in treating bone breaks, making ladies pregnant, getting ready love portion for individuals, restoring an infected appendix and others.

He said when they brought Elozino’s body parts, they gave him N10,000, promising to give him more cash later, and requesting that he make them rich.

The second Yahoo Plus suspect supposedly drooped and died as the police were surrounding him. The female relative who was used to make a call identifying with their illegal activity – a minor – was captured and is in police care.

Tending to the reporters, the Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Andrew Aniamaka kept up that, now that every one of the killers of Elozino have been gotten aside from the person who drooped and died, the police will summon them in court.

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