45-year-old man, Baba Mohammed presented above, has been captured by the police in Niger state, for purportedly setting his neighbor, Usman Tetengi, on fire for trying to take his girl friend.

As indicated by police sources, Mohammed and his fiancee have been in a relationship a for while and as of now consented to getting married.

Notwithstanding, the neighbor Usman who also likes the woman, has been arguing her to leave Mohammed and follow him. Mohammed heard of it and gave a few warnings to Usman to allow his lady to concentrate on him but Usman refused.

Mohammed trapped Usman, soaked him with fuel and after that set him ablaze. He was hurried to the health center where he died.

Whenever asked, Mohammed said he doesn’t regret his activity.

“I am not regretting my action if I didn’t kill him at that specific time, he would have killed me; so let him go, in his next world, he won’t join issues with me again. I couldn’t care less where this case will get to, the most critical thing is that I have closed his part in this world and prevented him from messing with my life. There are other ladies in our locale yet he made advances to the lady I proposed to wed. He has paid the consequences for it, it served him right.”

Affirming the incident, the representative of the state police summon, Muhammad Abubakar, said the casualty was rushed to Federal Medical Center, Bida and was later transfered to Gwagwalada Hospital, Abuja where he got treatment until his passing.

Mohammed will soon be charged to court

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