For the first time since the rumours of the famine in years to come, the king saw light in the advice he refused to take from one of his subjects a long time ago

The hunger that hit the land was hard and humans began to act like animals just to eat to stay alive,
Then came the rains, with it, the blood.
Man began to eat man in the name of farming
Lives no longer matters as our leaders don’t care if we live or die, so long as their immediate families are protected far away from Trump’s shithole

Now the kingdom is divided against itself and it is time to tell who is a slave or slave master
Fall is inevitable and the uprising is irreversible,
This is the devil’s alternative!
Whichever way they choose, doom awaits the perpetrators of iniquity and the killers of innocent women and children

The primitive accumulation of wealth at the expense of taxpayers can only be described as barbaric, imbecilic and animalistic.
The hopelessness written on our faces as we go about our daily bread is enough to tell the story of our land
Our king has failed!

The kingdom needs another king that will do and not talk, the people need a leader and not a cattle rearer!
We want jobs and not hand outs, we are not lazy as presented to the world….the world knows better
All the promises were just mere packaging but now we know the truth and this time we will carefully pick a leader by merit, unlike what we did in the past,

Oh! People of Omanchala kingdom
Do not become what they expect of you
They await you with silver and gold as the days draw nearer but do not be fooled, not all that glitter is gold,
Do not replace a bad king with another bad king
Watch and pray!

Whatever they plot against the Lord
he will bring to an end;
trouble will not come a second time.
They will be entangled among thorns
and drunk from their wine; #Nahum.

D’amanda Nustra
Grand Commander of Idoma Youths

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