In the last decade of entertainment in Benue, we’ve had a lot of hiccups and smooth rides in policing entertainment in Benue. I saw a controversial post online by Mc Smart about an iconic individual 2baba (Innocent Idibia) which really caused a lot of mishaps online.

Personally I kept mute not because I want to take sides as to the points made by Mc Smart, but I was left in the state of Quandary because I’m personally pissed with the 2baba issues of not coming through for the Benue up and rising acts, I had to reply to this after seeing some silly comments on Social Media directed to Mc Smart for stating the facts about 2baba. I want to state a few achievements of Mc Smart as regarded to entertainment in Benue..

In 2011 mc smart made a name for himself in Benue state after gaining admission in Benue State University as the only outstanding Mc in the Uni along side Mc Ybits and co. Mc Smart maintained his brand and creatively came up with a Promotional Movement (Star Trace Movement). STM was created to promote and project acts in Benue. the only problem I had with Smart on STM was that he tried to carry every one along and as such the label got choked with a whole lots of artiste without a classified promotional strategy. Tho He projected Stm to the level Ems, mark owi Chygoz got signed.

I’ve worked with MC Smart right from inception of STM to SBS (Symbols Birthday Splash) and trust me he is a great Team player, he always wants to see everyone win.

he brought a lot of artistes to spotlight in Benue.. I can vividly recall on how I used to treat Mc Smart when he wants me to post an STM acts music on my blog, he will plead on their behalf and I’ll end up delaying the post, not because I don’t like the artistes or I’m too busy but because he does all the liaison for the acts… he did all of that out of love even without making a penny from STM.. he tried but let me ask a question, has 2baba ever done a thing like that in Benue?

Even with the hitches, this guys and many other Mc smarts product ain’t the same. Looking at the benue scenery today this boys are top notch in all areas. It’s rather fable, unrealistic and outrageous to say Mc smart was trying to seeking attention with that post. When he only took lead From what Spits started “If you end up in lagos, you’ll know why it’s painful 2baba ain’t helpful”.

I don’t have to say much about MC smart but I watched him put Benue on the Map the little way he could.. even when he left Benue to Lagos he made it as his duty to bring A-List artistes to Benue for major events.. he pulled a lot Of stunts to project Benue to the world. The Nigeria Music industry should give Benue a chance along side the Yorubas, ibos and the south south.

Victor AD’s Past glory brought him to where he is right now through the help of “Motivation” by Erigga and boom.. the track he dropped about 4 years ago sprang up and now “Watin we gain” is an anthem.. it’s high time 2baba realised we rise by lifting others.

let me not even mention what BADOO, OBO & JAZZY are doing in the industry.. my Brother we rise by lifting others..

Much respect to great icons working to keep entertainment in benue going.. the likes of Spitz Owoicho Josef Henry Ipole Prince Ayo Ogi John Johnicks Studiovilla Joshua Yansha etc.. and all Bloggers and radio houses.

Are you and artiste in Benue/entertainer let’s all work more on ourselves, develop yourself, learn something new daily the world would embrace you and your hard work would pay off surly..

Remember Say no to Social Vices…
from a Bloggers point of view

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