Lack of grass is the reason for herdsmen/farmers clash

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minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has faulted the herders/farmers clash on the shortage of grazing resources.

The minister, thus, it is vital for agriculturists and herders to adapt to ranching and technological innovation. He expressed this amid the 2018 World Congress of the International Press Institute (IPI) in Abuja, the country’s capital on Thursday.

He stated, “this is an issue of resources getting increasingly scarce. There is less water, there is less grass. The farmers would not have the sort of land they used to have before so they need to receive the prescribed procedures in Agriculture and present day innovation. With respect to the herders, they should likewise receive present day innovation, for example, ranching. These issues are cultural and economical, You have to induce the normal herders to go to a farming.”

The minister trusts that dairy cattle who are kept to ranching are significantly more beneficial than those that move around. Yet, relatively only few herders knows that. “For a basic reason, in his (a herder) claim words, ‘it isn’t such a great amount about how fat your dairy animals is nevertheless what number of they are’. A man with 100 cows is more than the one that has 50. “In any case, it has been demonstrated that a ranched cow creates around 10 liters of milk in day while migrating cows delivers about a liter daily.”

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