Hon Rotimi Amaechi at Special Town Meeting on Infrastructure at Ibadan:

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“In a couple of months, Lagos Ibadan Railway will take off, it will only take you 50 minutes to travel from Ibadan to Lagos and with so much comfort. You can live in Ibadan and work in Lagos or vice versa…”

“When we tell you about ongoing projects and their completion dates, don’t just sit to applaud or criticize, go and see for yourself. These projects have addresses and paths. Currently, we have engaged over 7,000 people in the ongoing Lagos Ibadan Railway. Go and confirm for yourself. They work almost for 24hrs daily. Follow us and burst our lies or confirm the truth… That is not too much for a responsible citizen”

“If completing a project is that easy, Itakpe Warri-Ajaokuta-Itakpe Railway that we just completed has been abandoned for 30years, how come the PDP could not complete it in 16 years?”

“You said we should not talk about corruption but on development. If Buhari too swallowed all this money, we won’t be talking about all these developments, we will only be bragging about initiations… Lagos Ibadan Railway cost $1.4b but PDP stole $2.8b from the Office of NSA to run elections, that is 2 Lagos Ibadan Railways they swallowed in one transaction… “

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