The good people of Izzi/Ezza received the front line campaigner for “Leadership Redefinition in Ado”, Prince, Oriri Richard at Nwedoga, Izzi Ijigban on 28th December, 2018 for sensitization against vote buying.

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In their separate remarks, Chief Hon. Hyacinth Ebilima reinterpreted the resolve of the Ezza Community to vote personality instead of Party as voting along party line has not benefited the Ezza community from 1999 till date and cautioned against vote buying. He stressed further that candidates without ideology for leadership are the ones using money to getting public office but assured the public on resolution of the Ezza people to disappointing such individuals in the forthcoming elections.

On another note, Mr. Emeka Awuru, the youth leader, Ezza Ezekuna Youth Assembly, Ado Local Government declared Ezza youths support for Chief Mike Okibe Onoja of the SDP stating that he, Onoja had in the past assisted the Ezzas by supporting their children for elective positions (Councillor) in Ado. He also warned that any of their subject going differently from their agenda must be sanctioned and punished. Today, our communities has suddenly turned to hunting ground for those enemies of our people soliciting for our support. Where were these individuals when we needed them most? It’s no longer business as usual as our votes will be for those who will remember us. He opined!

Hon. Christopher Nwakpa, former Councillor representing Ulayi district, thanked Prince Oriri for his wisdom and commitment to the growth and development of Ezza/Izzi. Stating that the Ezza/Izzi has suffered enough injustice in Benue. Forthwith, the idea of Party politics against credible candidate has to stop, the Ezza/Izzi will henceforth choose personality outside party. We have seen Chief Onoja as our choice for Senate in SDP so also Eng. Sunday Oche of the APC for the House of Representatives and if we have a credible candidate in PDP for other positions we shall adopt with time as well. Our door is open for candidates of the different political parties to come for consultation but we shall in the interest of our communities select good ones among them during elections. He stressed.

Mrs. Idor, the women leader from Izzi Odokem, Ekile, appreciated Prince, Oriri Richard for the bold step taken against bad governance. She said that on their part, women, they had earlier resolved not to come out and vote in any election again but Oriri Richard has ignited their hope by his wisdom to sensitizing them against ungodly and non credible candidates so, promised to mobilizing women around the 10 polling units in Ekile Ward to vote in mass for all candidates approved by Leadership Redefinition Team.

On his part, Prince Oriri stated that he belonged to and believed in PDP but will not support any candidate with zero ability for good governance. I have supported and delivered many people in the past in the name of Party and nothing to show in my Community from all the different government we all put our best to installed. Everyone of u here can attest to the fact that, from our efforts in politics since 1999, there is no electricity, no motorable Roads, no manageable Clinics, no functional Primary or Secondary Schools in Ulayi, Ijigban, Ekile, Ezza and Izzi communities in Ado LGA. We have remained badly underdeveloped as a result of non credible personalities we have voted into public office in the past.

Collectively we must sacrifice for the development of of people. We must not sell our votes for any amount but to vote and defend it in the interest of our people. He stressed…

An elder who spoke on anonymity said the time of partisan voting has come and gone hence, they are looking beyond party but individuals, vote and ensure their votes counted in all the elections.

By Comr. Onwe Edwin Wisdom

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