For all the shares, comments and trend on the 2baba saga; I say thank you.

Trust me, 2baba has seen and heard us. Something is cooking but we won’t stop here till it’s done! Baba is our daddy and we love him. Nothing can turn us against our own. As toddlers, we seek guide, support and projection from our ultimate leader.

We refuse to get used to the narrative that says; “all man for himself.” If this continues, nothing good will ever come out of Benue. A good number of us can make it without Baba but; calling his attention to the realization of his position as our ultimate entertainment figure is paramount and can never be over emphasized.

Our people will trend soon, My experience with Hiptv is the reason for my plight. How can we’ve HEADIES AWARDS with just one Benue act nominated for almost a decade now. Pathetic really. Nobody is fighting or pushing. Who said Next rated, Rookie of the year or Artiste of the year can’t come from Benue?
The industry is more than talent. It entails:
Money or influence.

The industry and media just needs to respect and pave way for our acts from Benue due to the relevance of Baba… If not, this guys will push and push, get tired and fizzle out.

There’s also no such thing as an actual time. Erigaaa popped out victor AD through a Colabo.
If your time ain’t coming through your effort, somebody can help you influence it.
God bless us all.
Let the push and hustle continue.
One love. Mind you, Benue acts both home and away are the most hardworking. The power of minority is killing us. Why we need Baba to voice out. @mcsmartnaija

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