The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has requested that President Buhari not accept the demand of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) for him to intercede in capital punishment passed on five Christian youth in Adamawa state.

The five men specifically Alex Amos, Alheri Phanuel, Holy Boniface, Jerry Gideon and Jari Sabagi, were on June thirteenth, condemned to death by a Yola High Court for “resolutely and purposefully plotting and attacking three herders raring cattle at Kadamun town, executing a herder all the while” in January 2017.

CAN’s leader, Samson Ayokunle, in an announcement discharged on Tuesday, requested that President Buhari intercede in the death penalty . Ayokunle in his letter to President Buhari, contended that “several our individuals in southern Kaduna, Benue, Taraba and Plateau states in the north-central geo-political zones, and states like Enugu in the south, have been murdered.

Responding to CAN’s requests , MURIC’s chief, Ishaq Akintola, said CAN’s action as an endeavor to impede the course of justice. A part of Akintola’s announcement peruses to some degree

Can you see what religious acrobatics has done to Nigeria? What will happen if Muslim leaders likewise utilize their impact (and that is whether they have any) to anchor flexibility for Muslims who commit murder ? How might we find any answer for these killings?. Our own stand is that whoever commits an offence, regardless of whether he is a Muslim or a Christian, ought to be rebuffed with a specific end goal to fill in as a hindrance to others. Give the law a chance to take its proper way. Sentence Muslims to death if they commit murder. Sentence Christians to death if they commit murder.

There are crooks among Muslims and there are crooks among Christians yet for any religious leader to look for immunity for lawbreakers is to make joke of the legal framework. We are on the whole searching for a solution to killings in this nation. People are simply being killed like goats all over. It is surprising to hear a group claiming holier-than-thou and trying to shield murderers because they happen to have the same religious affiliations, Strangly, CAN has been the one complaining The umbrella Christian body was pointing fingers at Fulani herders and Muslims yet the result of case presently shows something else.”

The group asked the president to ignore CAN’s requests.

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