Nigeria will not change unless…

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VP Yemi Osinbajo amid a unique Sunday Service at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly in Abuja underlined the significance of dutifulness to God’s statement and guideline taking note of that they are fundamental for fruitful country building.

As indicated by him, the congregation has its part to play in country building. Innovativeness, development and diligent work, as indicated by him are likewise crucial instruments which the congregation needs to center around to propel the country.

“The congregation changes all over. That inventiveness that God instructed us to do wherever is the thing that will change our country. Our inventiveness, development and diligent work, and this is an order. So on the off chance that we obey God, our country will change. There are numerous nations everywhere throughout the world with immense assets and numerous different nations that have no assets. It is innovativeness that has the effect,” he said

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