First is that I’ve known this for about two years and before you crucify me for being silent, you’ll need to take a closer look at why paedophilia goes on for years without being exposed.

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If Ochanya did not develop VVF, would the act have been exposed? What evidence would they have used?
Most times these acts are carried out under the knowledge of family members, would they be willing to testify in a court against a fellow family member.

I’m giving this preamble to put things into perspective because these crimes are not easy to prove and not many people are willing to testify, however Ochanya’s case has given others including myself the courage to speak up.

I told some close friends like Kengkeng Ati and Ati Terkula about this orphanage two years ago. I recently spoke to Andy Kaggwa Obeya about it and he has made his findings along with the others. I hear there are some witnesses willing to testify. With this post, many many more will come out to speak, I hope. For me, I’ve played my part.

For some reasons, I’m not naming the orphanage outrightly but I’m going to describe it. It is located in Northbank and run by a lady. The hedious acts usually took place at a house in Ankpa quarters involving a top man. Don’t ask me any further. I have played my part, others can carry on from here.

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