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For Gov. Samuel Ortom of Benue State, the Idoma people should not be in existence.They should look for another state and call theirs. Let for Ortom, any other ethnic group aside the Tiv’ are non component of Benue and non qualify and worthy of eating from the Benue bowl of rice and beans. He believes the “idomas” doesn’t deserve anything good from the state even what rightly belongs or accrued to them shouldn’t be given. Even for the fact that our votes determine who becomes the governor in time of election, we are still treated with so much disdain. Whom ever is aspiring to become governor of Benue always enter into marriage with the Idoma’s but quickly divorce and abandon us once we give them electoral victory. In Benue, We are the “monkey” the work, they are the chopping baboons. The Idoma’s are the historical Ms.Onneh that travelled far away to bring the EKWU (masquerade) to my clan and was eventually denied seeing or accessing the masquerade on the unjust account that she is a female folk. Just like the biblical quote of “can anything good come out of Nazareth”?, anything good shouldn’t go to the Idoma’s (Benue zone C) is the policy of Ortom’s administration.

There is no doubt the fact that the marginalization of the “Idomas” in Benue has been on since the inception of the state, the only striking change and development now is that while previous governors did theirs with little pretence and cover up, Ortom is doing his with boldness and carelessness.

Ortom made history in his early days in office when he denied the “Idoma’s” the position of Secretary to the State Government and appointed his Tiv brother. A position which was more of a birthright to the idoma’s for the interest of sheer inclusion in the political equation since the Tiv’ always produce the governor, speaker and other key officials. That first move by Ortom was a clear indication that he do not value or love us. When the public outcry about the SSG issue became alarming, to cover up his wicked act, he later appointed an Idoma man; Justice Onum Adam whom had just few months to retire from service as the Chief Judge of the State.

When it was time to appoint commissioners, SSA’s and other appontee’s, Ortom gave all the juicy, key and oily portfolios to his Tiv brothers and left the irrelevant portfolios that has little or no financial budget to the idoma’s on a ratio of 4:1.

When our political leader and father, Dist. Sen. David Mark GCON aspired to be President of Nigeria recently, Gov. Ortom refused or fail to canvas support and mobilize delegates for him during the Port-hacourt PDP Presidential primary election. For him, on what basis should an idoma man become the President of Nigeria. He forgot that it was same David Mark that lobbied, facilitated his recent return to the PDP and his eventual picking up the governorship ticket even when his own Tiv brothers stood vehemently against his return to PDP. That’s how ungrateful a man can be.

Recently, Ortom reshuffled his cabinet and absorbed about 8 commissioners, out of the 8, only 2 slots was allocated to zone C, yet, Ortom is banking on zone C for his re-election come 2019.

Not quite long, about 2 weeks or so, Ortom again appointed about 6 SSA’s and SA’s into his cabinet. The new appontee’s were mostly youth obviously in regard for youth inclusion in governance but no one came from the zone C axis. Could it be that no zone C youth is pro- Ortom or PDP enough to be worthy of such appointment? Yet, my fellow youth from zone C are on facebook day and night campaigning for Ortom who careless about them. Are we cursed?

When the Fulani herdsmen invaded Agatu, a LGA in Zone C, displaced local farmers from their ancestral land, destroyed properties, maim and slaughtered the Agatu people like fowls, we all know the body language of Ortom’s government towards the crisis. No state sponsored mass burial or mourning, it was just tagged “Agatu killings” and not “Benue killings”. He was insensitive to the plight of Agatu people and to worsen the situation, he ceded large portion of Agatu ancestral land to the Fulani herdsmen to graze their cattle………..I’ll live Agatu issue as topic for another day sha.

Those close to Ortom should just remind him that we all know that he has no iota of likeness talkless of love for the Idoma people, therefore, he doesn’t deserve our vote(s) come 2019. we are not so short memoried and gullible to go and queue under the sun and vote for him again come 2019 considering all his atrocities against us. We’ll try another alternative because we have tested him and he has failed.

Comr. Jubril Oche Ekwot writes from Ai-Onakpata kingdom.

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