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By Jimin Geoffrey

The Benue Tricyclists Association, BENTA, has endorsed the reelection of Governor Samuel Ortom in the 2019 general elections.

The association pronounced its endorsement today during a solidarity match to the Benue Peoples House, Makurdi.

President of the tricyclists operators, Comrade Bernard Orban, who spoke on behalf of members, hinged their decision on the track records of achievements by the Ortom-led administration.

He cited healthcare, educational and agricultural friendly policies and programmes of the Governor including the Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law which they noted would guarantee commercial farming activities as reasons for their support.

Comrade Orban stated that they were happy to have audience with the Governor whom he noted was their member before God took him out of the motor park and elevated him to various leadership positions including his present position as Governor of the state.

He solicited the intervention of the Governor through provision of Keke to members at subsidised rates as well as furnishing of their office accommodation, adding that they currently collect Keke at hire purchase of N1.2 million naira per unit cost.

The BENTA members chanted solidarity songs including “who do you want?” Who will defend you? with others responding “Ortom” in chorus during the solidarity visit.

Governor Ortom in a response expressed appreciation to the tricyclists for their show of solidarity and advised them not to take to wayward life, stressing that with determination, they could grow from their present positions to various leadership positions.

He stated that he was happy they had taken to what could add value to their lives.

The Governor directed his Commissioner for Works, Transport and Energy, Mr. Emmanuel Manger, to liaise with the leadership of the tricyclists with a view to addressing their requests, even as he also charged them to form cooperatives that could enable them access loans from the BIPC Micro Finance Bank and other financial institutions to pursue their legitimate businesses.

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