Payment of Severance Package to Past Council Members; Reminder to some Chairmen, Treasurers who are yet to return their beneficiaries’ list to Bureau.

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This is to remind the Caretaker Chairmen and the Treasurers of the under listed Local Government Councils to kindly return the list of beneficiaries of severance package submitted to them over a month ago for confirmation.

The list is to be returned to Mr Akange, Secretary to Director Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs immediately to enable the government commence payment of severance to Past Council Members after the Joint meeting which is about to hold this week.

This reminder has become necessary because series of text messages and calls have been put across to all the Chairmen in the State, yet some have not returned theirs as a result of other things that may have made the Chairmen and Treasurers to forget.

The earlier this is done the better as payment shall commence with the available list of those Local Government Councils whose lists have been returned to Bureau.

If you are Former Chairman, Vice Chairman, Elected Councillor, Supervisory Councillor, Secretary and Special Adviser reading this message and you served in any of the affected Local Government Councils, please remind your Chairman and Treasurer to do the needful.

The Local Government Councils that are yet to return their lists include the following;

  1. Buruku
  2. Gboko
  3. Guma
  4. Gwer West
  5. Kwande
  6. Logo
  7. Obi
  8. Ogbadibo
  9. Otukpo and
  10. Ushongo.

Hon John Anthony Ikwulono
Chairman Forum of immediate Past Supervisory Councillors Benue State and other Elected and Appointed Local Government Council Members.

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