, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, Kaduna State Governor has claimed that the heavy crowd that attended the Sokoto rally of the Peoples Democratic Party in was hired from Niger Republic by the party.

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He made the allegation during the inauguration of the campaign council of the All Progressives Congress in Kaduna on Tuesday, PDP campaign inauguration in Sokoto as a gang-up of “thieves” He said the PDP had nothing to offer Nigerians and described the


El-Rufai said, “Thieves have ganged-up against President Muhammadu Buhari. Yesterday, they were in Sokoto and they rented a crowd from Niger Republic just to show people that they have supporters because Sokoto people refused to come out.

So, when it is time to launch President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign in Kaduna, people should come for the whole world to see that, it is not Niger Republic people that are disguising as Nigerians.”

The APC government anchored its agenda on putting the people first, and since 2015 our focus is running the government on a level playing ground.”

“We have empower our people by putting the people first. We are making life better, government s priority is been reordered to focus on human capital development.
For the last three years had been fixing the rot the PDP left behind in its 16 years rule.

“The task in 2019 is to continue to work towards the uplift of our people. We cannot allow the people whose ideology is looting to return to power.

The PDP has nothing to offer the people of Kaduna State and they have nothing to offer the rest of Nigeria. Over 16 years, they left most of our 4,250 primary schools in terribly bad conditions; many did not have toilets, roofs, windows or doors.”

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