A social media commentator and a political activist, Mr. Eric Amodu has called on all the Idoma sons and daughters both home and abroad to join in the fight against cultism in Otukpo, the capital city of the Idoma nation. He made this noble call during an exclusive interview with the New Nation Tv.

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He disclosed that most of the politicians enjoy the services of the cultist so they lack the political will to confront the menace.

He said the Otukpo local government chairman has in his own way demonstrated some level of political courage to tackle the menace and so he should be supported.

He also urge other political bigwigs to throw their weight behind him if they are afraid or ashame to stand up against it.

Recall that Mr. Eric Amodu was at the front line against the political leaders and their zero zeal to speak or act against this scourge in the society. Mr. Eric Amodu who recently indicted both the traditional and political leaders for keeping quiet despite the spate of killings in the town also urge every parents to talk to their children, religious leaders should also speak up against cultism in strong terms.

He also used the opportunity to thank the New Nation TV for there balance reportage and their styles in bringing governance closer to the people. He also said that he is presently in Makurdi to mobilise for a peaceful protest to the State police Command and the Government House. Then move the protest train to the Force Headquarters in Abuja.

When all the logistics are put together, New Nation TV shall be informed for full coverage, He said.

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