The mystic cat that effectively predicted the Nigeria-Argentina match when the two nations met at the World Cup on Tuesday, June 26, has passed on of heart issues Shor of a week after the match

The cat, named Baidian’er which implies white spot in Chinese, effectively anticipated the result of six World Cup matches however met an unfavorable end on Monday, July 2.

He was offered two dishes of sustenance, with the banners of contending World Cup groups stuck in the ground behind them.

Baidian’er effectively predicted the outcome of six World Cup matches. He accomplished such feats that the Palace Museum even set up a Weibo account for him on China’s Weibo, a mainstream Twitter-like stage.

“Mystic cat that anticipated Nigeria-Argentina match dies of heart problem…lol”

Tragically, Baidian’er’s right prediction of an Argentinian win against Nigeria ended up being his last. The gallery said the cat fell sick lastly reported its death on Monday, starting a huge number of remarks on Chinese online networking stage, Weibo.

This cat ought not be mistaken for the one that wrongly predicted Nigeria will win Argentina. That one is named Achilles.

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