Saraki didn’t ask us to go and Rob

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The posse pioneer of the Offa bank burglary, Ayoade Akinnibosun a.k.a AY, was cross examined by a few columnists at the power central station yesterday June third. In a sound account discharged by Dailytrust, the posse pioneer told columnists how he was purportedly shrunk by the senate president while he was still legislative leader of Kwara state.

As indicated by Ayoade, himself and some others were utilized as political hooligans of Saraki. The posse pioneer said wherever they saw Saraki wasn’t driving in a race, they went in there to upset the place.

Inquired as to whether Saraki requested that himself as well as other people go and victimize the banks, the group pioneer said ”No they didn’t send us but since we are their political hooligans, that is the thing that drove us to the place” he said

He said he took the Lexus jeep the senate president accommodated political acrivities to the bank theft scene. He couldn’t answer whether it was Saraki that instructed him to take the auto there. On who provided them with arms, the posse pioneer said it was an expelled cop, Michael Adikwu who has since been captured.

The group pioneer additionally rebuked the fiend for him getting associated with equipped burglary.

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