By Vincent Okoko Odo

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The Intervention of Hon Joseph Ojobo, Comrade Makinde Olawole and other men of Good Conscience towards my Unilaterally Forgiving a Senator that failed to honour our gentleman agreement after I was made to withdraw from the last Benue State House of Assembly Race to Represent Okpokwu Constituency.

It is very clear and obvious to all by now that the Senator has failed and neglected to honour his gentleman agreement with me following his request that I should withdraw from the last and most recent BSHA race which I was the leading candidate.

It could be recalled that during the run-up to the primary elections of the PDP last year, the then Senator hopeful was under intense pressure and facing many battles from his load of enemies, very many aspirants in the same race and his god father who insisted that if the Senator truly desire to step into the red chamber, he must ensure that Hon Tony Agom of Okpokwu LG was delivered as the flag bearer of the PDP for the position of BSHA.

It could further be recalled that a night before the day of the BSHA primary election of PDP being 02/10/2018, the Senator conducted an informal election by calling 10 ward chairmen in Okpokwu LG (with the exception of the 2 wards from Ichama) to inquire from them who their respective delegates had in mind to vote during the said primary election. Fortunately, 9 wards out of the 10 wards confirmed that their delegates were all coming to Makurdi to vote for me, Hon Vincent Odo Okoko, while one ward delegates stood for another Aspirant which was not even Hon Tony Agom. In effect, Hon Tony Agom has no single LG ward to vote for him. The news about the outcome of this informal exercise conducted by the then Senator hopeful spread like wild fire all over town that same night and I was over-joyed that the majority of the delegates had chosen to nominate me as the party’s flag bearer.

However, it came to me as a rude shock when the then Senator hopeful invited me along with Hon Tony Agom into his bedroom in Makurdi to plead with me to step down for Hon Tony Agom to enable his god-father, the then substantive Senator, give him full support towards realizing his own Senatorial ambition promising me that as a ‘man of character’ he would compensate me politically to ensure that the resources I expended during the build up to the primary election were not wasted.

Fast forward, as at today instead of being compensated, the Senator has rather renege on his promise to me in a characteristic manner of ‘duping’ and has been carrying on as if my feeling and that of my family members and supporters does not matter!

In so far as I have been a good party man in PDP and had once stepped down in 2014 for Hon James Okefe during a PDP primary election into BSHA as a mark of respect for the same Senator without any compensation by way of appointment, I think to a considerable extent, that this latest show of unfaithfulness and lack of fidelity to party negotiation and horse-trading is the final stick that has broken the Carmel’s back.

This is especially painful if one considers the fact that outside the Senator, I remain the biggest spender in Okpokwu LG PDP who gave the party life-supports throughout the period that the party was out of power. Ranging from paying the party’s office rent across the 4 years, hosting the party members to a celebration every 1st October to create activities and rejuvenate the party, down to funding the exco’s activities, co-funding decamping ceremonies and providing transportations to Makurdi, I have always been there for the party. I participated in the entire Senator’s campaign movement for the 2019 and even narrowly escaped death from the Agatu accident that claimed 9 lives!

The morning that the Senator persuaded me to withdraw from the race for Hon Tony Agom, my wife broke down in tears in far away Abuja while diverse reactions came from my numerous supporters with many of them insisting that I should have disrespected the Senator as his request was unreasonable. The pain was further compounded when I not only had to step down for Hon Tony Agom who is not just my rival but my family enemy who along with his brother Hon Christian Agom, have always been fighting and snitching at me, but I had to go through the humiliation of hugging him and raising his hand before all the bewildered delegates! At the announcement of my withdrawal from the race, about 3 delegates could not contain their emotion as they wept openly in the Senator’s house. As if that humiliation was not good enough, the Senator had to stop me from rushing to the bank to deposit the money I ear-marked for the delegates’ appreciation (if they had voted for me) and pleaded with me to give him part of the money which I did.

Nonetheless, having been made to withdraw from BSHA race twice for candidates far more inferior to me in terms of age, mental capacity, experience and exposure, the Senator has now neglected his gentleman agreement with me and is going about mocking me saying that his decision to give me the national disgrace after I had honored him before the Okpokwu delegates, was informed by a rumour peddled against me by a female University of Agriculture drop-out apparently working for the Agoms who are my known enemies! The Senator did not even deem it fit to carry along my uncle Capt. John Adole who picked me by the hand and handed me over to the Senator to work for him! Also, the Senator seems to have forgotten that it was my Late mum, Madam Theresa Abakpa, who took the Senator (who was then a wretched timber contractor in the forest) to Capt John Adole the first time for formal introduction and later Capt John Adole took the Senator to Chief Andrew Agom before his fortune changed politically.

One hall mark of a good leadership or a system is the provision of opportunity of fair hearing for everyone concern. For the Senator to take obnoxious and irrational decision base on rumour, smacks of lack of disciplined thinking, disciplined emotion and disciplined action expected of a responsible leader. Leading your commandoes and your foot soldiers with the rule of thumb is not only anachronistic but would soon leave the Commander with no follower!

The pain and disappointment was so much that I had lost my composure and was beginning to prepare to fight for what is rightly mine within the ambit of the law. Part of the fight would have involves deploying my investigative skill and training towards exposing every criminal dealings of those placed on the various political leadership positions, by the Senator using the Freedom of Information Act, BVN Linkages, Morphine Tec and Financial Artificial Intelligence to hold them accountable throughout their tenor as there is every tendency of them corruptly enriching themselves.

Nonetheless, I want to specially thank Hon Joseph Ojobo, a former Senatorial Aspirant under the PDP, my beautiful wife, my business partner Comrade Makinde Olawole and other great men of good conscience who have intervened and dissuaded me from putting up a fight with these people. I have also agreed with them to leave the matter in the hands of God as vengeance belongs to Him alone.

It is indeed heart-breaking that my campaigns focus, which was emphatical about empowering the youths through industrialization of the LG, was thrown over-board by the highly erratic senator before taking the self-preserving decision to the detriment of youths development in the LG. While in other climes, they are celebrating their youths, today we are here battling our youths who, as a result of successive bad leadership imposed on the LG by the Senator, are neck deep in criminality!

It is now on record (and noted as such) that in the last two dispensations, the Senator has inadvantedly imposed two low-performing BSHA members on Okpokwu LG when there are hundreds of competent hands to lead Okpokwu out of the doldrums. Okpoga is particularly pained that the elders of Okpoga have no say in the choices of who becomes a candidate over a position zoned to Okpoga district because of the over-bearing attitude of the Senator. This type of impunity at the national scale is what has given rise to generations of leaders who claim to be successful but produced an ‘unsuccessful Nation’ – Nigeria!

On this note, I wish to formally apologize to Comrade Daniel Onjeh, who I fought so fiercely starting with my online publication titled ‘David Mark of Idoma vs George Akume of Tiv and the Greek Ephialtes called Dan Onjeh’ during the zone C re-run election. I went further to post an impressive result for the PDP in the general election of my ward such that the Present Senator was so happy that he donated a transformer to me for use by my community! In all of these, Dan Onjeh called me through Hon Eloyi Ogbe gsm line and calmly informed me that he was not keeping any grudge against me but warned me not to become too fanatical about my support for the zone C cabal against my fellow youths noting that they does not have me or any youth in there master plan except their brothers and cronies. Alas! That turns out to be true. The use and dump syndrome of the old cabal!!

I also wish to cease this opportunity to apologise to Hon Joseph Ojobo who despite being my Head boy in the secondary school and my school mate in University of Jos, could not find support in me during his recent Senatorial outing but has now provided his shoulder for me to cry on believing that I am one of the many youths who are victims of this Zone C cabal’s irrational decisions! I am sure many youths shall still come up in the future to apologise to these two gentlemen as the youths continue to get their fingers burnt like me by these extreme people. No doubt history have a special place for these two gallant young men that strived to liberate the Idoma youths from the evil chains that have turn majority of our youths to crime, rumour mongers, Prostitutes, Alaye boys and boot leakers in other to survive while the Idoma nation remains in the 17th century. While these two young men tried their best to show us the light, we the Idoma youths (especially me) frustrated their efforts in support of the old order that oppressed our fathers and are now oppressing us with plans also to oppress our children. It is regrettable that I was among the choristers singing the dummy of ‘Apa State’ creation and Tiv Vs Idoma imaginary war in order to perpetuate the reign of the old Cabal in zone C. Indeed, it is an achievement for me at this point that the scale has fell off my eyes and I am no longer joining the sickly train of selling the new dummy of ‘Idoma Governor Bill’ in the NASS to sustain the new Senator on his planned 20 years debilitating journey in the NASS like his predecessor!

Indeed, the old order in zone C must have been scoring themselves high because of a handful of employment of our youths into the paramilitary but Ugbokolo is now lying under the belly of flood water, Ugbokolo-Okpoga roundabout is an eye-sore, Otukpo main road and Otukpo-Enugu roundabout can only be compared to a road leading to a bush market where dead rats are sold. No any major successful youth in business from Idoma extraction and salaries are never known to make one a Billionaire! Yet we have these shameless people parading themselves as successful leaders of Zone C and want everyone to be singing their praises. Zone C has now move from Helicopter leadership to the largest rumour center in zone C with our youths going for training on rumour mongering in order to survive.

For me, I know my worth and I am convince that since I mean well for our long-suffering people of Okpokwu LG, God shall give me the opportunity to lead our people at His own time.

Considering the fact that I facilitated the employment of 36 graduate Bankers from Okpokwu into the banking industry, electrified my village of Ikomija from my private pocket as a banker of only 12 years and has now become a successful private business man within a very short period of time, I know I am like a Chef who has to work within an 8-inch pan to create an omelet, and as a great Chef that I am, I know how to pick the best ingredients and mix them to create a savory sensation! The Senator knows this. He is aware that given someone who has my kind of qualities and mental capacity, an opportunity in leadership will in no time, dwarf his record of average performance that has been earning him accolades all these while and so will never in his time allow me to flourish. I am sure they must be regretting for allowing Hon George Ali the opportunity to dwarf their performance. The good news is that his time shall fade out just like others before him and my time shall come when no man can stop it just like Hon George Ali and Hon Baba Odeh. I congratulate Hon Tony Agom and his brother Christian Agom for always defeating me so far with their machination, mischief and craftiness. However, they should take note that tomorrow is pregnant and it is not yet over until it is over. There is enough time!

Finally, I have handed over the vengeance against the Senator to God who has seen my wife’s cry of anguish, my family’s tears, my late mum turning in her grave and my well-wishers’ lamentations. I have read and pray on the following Bible verses and I am confident that God of vengeance shall do what He alone knows how to do best to the Senator in the order of Nebucchadenazer :

Colossians 4:1. Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal: knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven.

Leviticus 19:13. Thou shalt not defraud thy neighbour, neither rob him: the wages of him that is hired shall not abide with thee all night until the morning.
1 Timothy 5:18. For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward.

Deutoronomy 24:14-15. Thou shalt not oppress an hired servant that is poor and needy, whether he be of thy brethren, or of thy strangers that are in thy land within thy gates:

  1. At his day thou shalt give him his hire, neither shall the sun go down upon it; for he is poor, and setteth his heart upon it: lest he cry against thee unto the LORD, and it be sin unto thee.
    James 5:4. Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

Jeremiah 22:13. Woe unto him that buildeth his house by unrighteousness, and his chambers by wrong; that useth his neighbour’s service without wages, and giveth him not for his work.

1 Thesalonia 4:6. That no man go beyond and defraud his brother in any matter: because that the Lord is the avenger of all such, as we also have forwarned you and testify.

Ephesians 6:8. Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free.

Vincent Okoko Odo 15/8/2019

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