the devil made you kill this fine girl????

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A 24-year-old who cut his 19-year-former sweetheart to death has reprimanded the villain for his activities.

Saliu Ladayo killed Confidence Nwama a week ago in the Oshinle zone of Akure, Ondo State, following a contention over his deceiving ways.

“It was the villain that pushed me to cut my sweetheart” says 24-year-old man

He was paraded last Friday at the Police Headquarters. With tears running down his face, he requested pardoning and described what prompted the executing.

He stated:

After she once more from his West African Examination, individuals in the city disclosed to her that I accompanied another lady. She was so irritated with that and she went to my place on Saturday a week ago. She was conversing with me that what is its importance that a young lady went to her that I came to ask her out.

She began reviling me that on the off chance that I have intercourse with another young lady, that I won’t make it throughout everyday life. I was currently conversing with her that for what reason will she lay revile on me. I disclosed to her I can’t do that and I restore the revile back to her. She exited with irritation.

He included:

She back on May fifteenth, 2018 I request that her pardon me and we are talking and I said she should restore the revile and she said she can’t do that and I grabbed his telephone and we were both inside dragging the telephone. I was beseeching her to restore the revile and she went out to let one know of our neighbor that I grabbed her telephone and the lady came to ask me. I told the lady what she did and the lady left to call second neighbor, before she return, I don’t realize what came over me, I went to take cut and cut her to death

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