The Lagos State Police Command has captured and paraded pop star, Adekunle Temitope, prominently known as Small Doctor, for unlawful ownership of guns and for threatening to shoot a cop.

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Edgal Imohimi, Lagos State Commissioner of Police confirmed his arrest minutes back while marching the artist alongside three different people. small Doctor was arrest on claims that he threaten a Police officer who was on traffic duty along Oshodi, Lagos.

“It was alleged that some unknown men, four of them, in an unregistered green SUV had drawn out a gun and threaten a policeman that if he does not leave the road, they will shoot him,

believing that they are criminals, I sent my men and luckily, with the DPO in charge of Shogunle division, they could catch them and the men were captured and were arrested and brought down to the headquarter for interrogation.

It was then found out that one of them is the same Adekunle Temitope, a.k.a. ‘Little Doctor’. They were captured possessing a practical rifle, cartridge and some of their belonging” Imohimi said.

As indicated by the magistrate, ‘small Doctor’ had earlier been associated with a comparative offense and is presently under scrutiny for firing live ammunition at the Agege stadium after a show on November 27.

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