Two jailed in Benue

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A Federal High Court sitting in Makurdi has condemned 18 year old Awua Mzehemen, male, and 40 year old Mbaikpeveyol Pius, female, to two years detainment each for human trafficking.

The suspects were charged by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), with the case number FHC/MKD/CR/25/18, for enlisting three young fellows matured in the vicinity of 20 and 21 years for exploitative work.

The young fellows were misleadingly selected by the main blamed individual under the appearance for landing a position for them in a shop in Oyo state on a month to month compensation. Notwithstanding, after achieving Oyo, the casualties were compelled to work in a ranch having a place with the second charged and procured out to work in other individuals’ homesteads while the second denounced gathered their compensations.

Their endeavors to get away from the exploitative condition were foiled by the blamed people twice, before they figured out how to alarm the Nigerian Police, who accordingly got NAPTIP associated with the case.

The Prosecution contended that the demonstration is in opposition to Section 13(2)(b) of the Trafficking in Persons (Prohibition) Enforcement and Administration Act, 2015, as it adds up to exploitative work.

Conveying the judgment after both blamed people conceded to the charge, the managing Judge, Hon. Equity Dikko Hassan summarily indicted and condemned them to 2 years detainment with an alternative of fine of 150, 000 naira each.

The Director-General of NAPTIP, Dame Julie Okah-Donli, responding to the news complimented the Officers of the Nigerian Police Force for compelling organization in the safeguard and exchange of the casualties.

She used to chance to caution businesses against paying the wages of their representatives to an outsider or a specialist. This, she says is exploitative and fills human trafficking.

As per her “each specialist should be paid his or her concurred compensation specifically; paying to someone else who will probably pay the laborer a small amount of the wages, or not in the slightest degree, is much the same as servitude and it an offense”.

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