Why Okibe Onoja should be rejected – Ochigbo

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Chief Mike Okibe Onoja’s Senatorial Ambition On My Mind. 

For a man who was in PDP and joined others to finance APC in the state in 2015 which later won in the state and had his brother, John Onoja appointed as commissioner and later ditched PDP in the build up to the senatorial rerun of Our leader, Sen David Mark in such a treacherous circumstance, teamed up with enemies of Idoma nation against the reelection of Sen. Mark but got defeated all round, including in Ado, his own local government cannot be trusted again. 

Ongoing now! Against the rules of political participation and contrary to the Electoral Act, Mike Onoja is a member of both PDP and SDP. This is to say he is officially a member of two political parties at the same time. He is running both parties affairs simultaneously. He just recently rejoined the PDP and he is maintaining his grip of the SDP. He just gave the state leadership of SDP 5million naira to change her structure to accommodate his supporters there. He pulls the string in SDP. Just like he did in 2015 when he had one leg in PDP and another in APC and ended up producing a Commissioner when in APC, Onoja funded SDP and now has Benue South SDP structure in his pocket. The game plan is that if he loses his vaulting ambition of becoming a Senator in PDP, he will cross over to SDP to pick the ticket and run. 
I don’t know why any PDP member would want to have anything to do with this food is ready politician called Onona. My dear PDP, this is time to ponder. Don’t give undue advantage to Onoja and his likes who dumped PDP when the party needed them most!

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