Yahoo boy kill self

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A young fellow wounded himself to death in Ughelli, Delta state, and individuals are of the sentiment that he is a Yahoo kid who was enduring the unfriendly impacts of ceremonies required for the shady business.

As per messages shared by online networking clients, the young fellow, named Mukoro Ovie Rex, utilized a broken jug to wound himself different circumstances and declined to be halted by concerned spectators. As individuals attempted to hold him to avert him delivering further wounds on himself, he just increased his endeavors.

Charged Yahoo kid submits suicide in terrible way in Delta state (realistic photographs)

A policeman in the long run touched base at the scene and when he saw the officer, he utilized the sharp edge of the broken jug to slice his throat.

Photographs shared via web-based networking media demonstrate the young fellow stripped and canvassed in blood. In one photograph, he is seen standing, unconcerned about the measure of blood he was losing.

The purpose behind his activity is as yet a puzzle yet there are numerous hypotheses. Some say he was most likely a Yahoo kid enduring an otherworldly issue expedited by the customs improved the situation the accomplishment of his Yahoo trick. Others say he was presumably gay and self-destructive. Others have said that his partner ought to be captured and addressed.

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