He is prominent for making money from sleeping with ladies for cash, the South African graduate has come out to talk about his activities and what makes it so essential.

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27yr Paul Zuluka said his activity is to fulfill the desires of ladies in bed. He charges R400 for one round and R2,000 for 24 hours.

Addressing The Daily Sun about his activity as a male whore, he said he got the thought in September when he graduated and couldn’t get a job.

Paul from Meadowlands, Soweto in South Africa, stated:

This is the best idea I’ve ever had. I love (sleeping with women) and am great at it, so I enjoy every moment. I get money for doing something I love.

I help women keep their relationships going and reduce their stress.

He continued:

I’m a Ugandan. I came to South Africa to get a job, but that didn’t happen so I had to do something.

I also get calls from men who offer me a lot of money, but I’m a man and am only available to women.

The job is also difficult when he has too many clients in one day Zuluka said, it becomes a problem when women book him for one round and then want three or four.

It messes up my work schedule, they forget there are other women who want a piece of me as well.

it’s just a job for him but some women start getting too attached, Zuluka adds

I’m just doing my job.

Sandton is were most of the women came from, “Some even offer more cash.”

The Daily Sun spoke to a woman who said Paul was perfect.

She said:

No boyfriend, no stress. I have Paul to satisfy me. I’m a businesswoman. Paul’s the best in the game.

Another woman said she has a boyfriend but he doesn’t satisfy her, so Paul saves her relationship.

I love my boyfriend and don’t want to lose him. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

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